Selected Drama and Fiction by Rose Scollard

Co-founder of Maenad Theatre, playwright and author, Rose Scollard has more than 30 professionally-produced stage and radio dramas to her credit. She has written and published a number of short stories and has a novel ready for publication. Here is a selection of her work.


Selected Praise for the Plays

  • Liam Lacy, Globe & Mail

    Rose Scollard’s Nosy Parkers is one of the stand outs of the Toronto Fringe – twilight zone with a feminist twist.

    - Liam Lacy, Globe & Mail
  • The Weal

    Bete Blanche is tantalizing and thoroughly engrossing, a near perfect production in every respect.

    - The Weal
  • Martin Morrow,  Calgary Herald

    Shea of the White Hands: Scollard’s writing is poetic, forceful and filled with vivid imagery.

    - Martin Morrow,  Calgary Herald
  • Caroline Russell-King, Playwrights’ POV

    When a mother shows you her triplets you shouldn’t pick a favourite, but mine is Preservation Blues…my response to the poetry is visceral. 

    - Caroline Russell-King, Playwrights’ POV
  • Anika Van Wyk, Calgary Sun

    Firebird Soars.

    - Anika Van Wyk, Calgary Sun
  • Liz Nicolls, Edmonton Journal

    The murky underside of the male-female relationship is Rose Scollard’s turf. The Swapper is a tale of a Faustian bargain set in a pink plastic hairdressing shop.

    - Liz Nicolls, Edmonton Journal
  • Trish Pattenden, Times Colonist

    Aphra: Sparkplug vitality and intensity the very stuff Behn is said to have known all about. This is a play worth seeing.

    - Trish Pattenden, Times Colonist
  • Theatrum

    13th God: The play is a palimpsest, layering time, situations and archetypal characters to portray the universal search for wholeness and solace… not a linear thing but a spiraling through the labyrinth of the mind, sparkling reflection and reconsideration. 

    - Theatrum
  • John Charles, Edmonton Sun

    The Hero proves to be a very intriguing tale that’s uneasy in a very rich way.

    - John Charles, Edmonton Sun