Fantasy TYA -3F 2M

2 Act (90 min)

Guided by Baba Yaga, Irenka and Prince Ivan battle to free Firebird from the evil magician Koshchei and his two-headed cyborg dragon Rimsky Dimsky.

“Firebird Soars.”  –Anika Van Wyk, The Calgary Sun

Koschei the Deathless rode a black Yamaha. Baba Yaga was played by a male actor, riding a bicycle. The cast was resplendent in costumes designed by Jenny Schall (Bertolt Brecht’s granddaughter). The occasion was the German premiere of Feuervogel, Rose Scollard’s play for young audiences, at Freie Kammerspiele in Magdeburg, Germany, December 2003. Translated by Ute Scharfenberg and directed by Sandrine Hutinet, the play sold completely out. It was reprised in April for a children’s theatre workshop and again in 2004 as their Christmas play. 

Firebird was produced by Guelph Little Theatre, in November 2018. Director D.J. Thomson.  

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