Uneasy Pieces (a trilogy consisting of Nosy Parkers, The Swapper, and The Hero)

Black Comedy 3F 1M
3 Act (90 mins)

Three quirky and grotesque feminist tales explore such heavy matters as rape, repression in marriage, and suppression of feminine selfhood from unexpected perspectives.

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Nosy Parkers

Rose Scollard ‘s Nosy Parkers is one of the stand outs of the Toronto Fringe – twilight zone with a feminist twist. 
Liam Lacy, The Globe and Mail

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The Swapper

The murky underside of the male-female relationship is Rose Scollard’s turf. The Swapper is a tale of a Faustian bargain set in a pink plastic hairdressing shop. 
– Liz Nicolls, Edmonton Journal

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Drawing of Mistress of the Animals by Daniel Heyst

The Hero

The Hero proves to be a very intriguing tale that’s uneasy in a very rich way.
 John Charles, The Edmonton Sun

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